After almost a year of no sale, Staging Columbus was able to come in, transform this golf course property, and finally seal a deal. 

Project highlights:

5,003 SF
Powell, Ohio
New Painting and lighting
Vacant Staging

Partners: Final Touch Painting, Jason Electric

297 days on the market with no sale.

Big, exciting facts and numbers can go right here.

Staging Columbus stepped in after nearly a year with no buyer, and connected the transformed home with its new homeowners. 

It's never too late.

After almost a year on the market, this Village Club property was proving to be a hard sell. That's when Staging Columbus came in and transformed the home, giving it new life, and a new buyer!

“Staging Columbus understands that it's not about the house - it's about six minutes. Six minutes: the average length of time of a showing on a house. ”

Keller Williams Greater Columbus