Take it from clients who have experienced their very own Staging Columbus transformation...

"Staging Columbus has mastered the art and science of making the most of ‘decision time’ and leaving the buyer with ‘gotta have it’ buzz…"

– Kathy Chiero, Keller Williams Realty


“Staging Columbus helped me sell several properties in 3 days that had been on the market for over 300 days with other realtors.”
– Barbara Lach, Coldwell Banker King Thompson


“Nancy & Nancy took our vacant home, and filled it with style and magic. Their brilliant transformation saved and returned us thousands!”
– J. Burns, Homeowner


“The minute your furniture arrived, I felt the value of the house rise!  No joke!  Thanks so much.”
– Connie M.


“Ok ladies, put another checkmark in your success hat!  Two days.  In contract.  Full price!”
– Stacy McVey, Keller Williams Classic Properties


You did an amazing Job!  I am enjoying the house so much right now, that I want the same treatment in our new place!
– Michael C., Homeowner


“Thank you for your wonderful Staging.  In Contract.  Three days… Over List Price!”
– Melanie R., Homeowner


“Staging Columbus understands that it's not about the house - it's about six minutes.  Six minutes: the average length of time of a showing on a house.”
– Kathy Chiero, Keller Williams Greater Columbus


“Thanks to all of you!  It does look great!”
– Michael F., Homeowner


“The sale was even quicker than your stats indicated!  We received $5,000 over in just 1 day!”
– Kenneth F., Homeowner


“Staging Columbus is my go-to partner for differentiating a home and creating a strong return for my clients.  I’m always amazed!”
– Cheryl Chapin, Re/Max Resource


“We had 24 showings in 2.5 days, 5 offers, and now in contract for $10,000 over asking price!”
– Christopher C., Homeowner


“We now feel much more confident that the house will sell quickly!”
– Elsa V., Homeowner


“You helped sell our home in three days…no doubt!  You are AMAZING!”
– Dick S., Homeowner


“Staging Columbus is easy to work with.  Their transformations help bring value to each house to sell it at faster at a higher price.  And… my clients love them!”
– Mike Whiteman, Re/Max Achievers


“We had multiple showings with no offers before Staging Columbus transformed our property.  It actually sold in minutes.   Really… just minutes of being on the market.”
– Angi M., Homeowner


“The amount of investment by the seller will be at least two-fold returned in the end. The return is amazing!  Not to mention the speed at which the home sells”
– Kimberly Sherrod, Keller Williams Greater Columbus


“Your team did an amazing job of transforming our home.  You’ve added so much more value to our property!”
– Carol H., Homeowner


“I have told many, many people about how staging worked and benefited our situation!”
– R. Edwards, Homeowner


“Before Staging Columbus came in we were willing to cut our asking price.  Once they came in, they worked within our budget – and we got our HIGHER asking price.”
– Jeff M., Homeowner


Our Realtor feedback, has often been phrases like, “absolute surprise… love the interior… and wonderfully decorated”, because of you!
– Susan E., Homeowner


“Staging Columbus has mastered the art and science of making the most of ‘decision time’ and leaving the Buyer with “I gotta' have it’ buzz…” 
– Kathy Chiero, Keller Williams Greater Columbus


You nailed it!  Best (demographically appealing) staging I have seen in years!
– Karla Ballinger, HER Realtors