Nancy Dreyer, ASPM, IAHSP

Managing Partner

Nancy Edwards on Nancy Dreyer…

I have known Nancy Dreyer for about eight years and have been fortunate to work on several projects with her.  We joined together our businesses in 2014 and have never looked back.

Nancy is direct, insightful, in control, and with an uncanny knowledge about color, design, and a know how for getting the job down in a cost-effective manner.  She prides herself in knowing when to spend the money and when not to.

She will work harder for you because she really cares about your outcome. Our clients value her input and honesty.  She will not take no for an answer when others feel it can't be done!


Nancy Edwards, ASP, IAHSP

Managing Partner

Nancy Dreyer on Nancy Edwards…

I am always amazed at Nancy Edward's talent. She can take a twig and turn it into an art form! Her ability to combine textures and colors... soothing and spectacular.  Every room she finishes you just want to dwell in.

Then, there is her passion for people, their homes, and their outcome.  The way she honors everyone... and pours herself into every home we stage. Her energy is unstoppable... constantly giving her all, assuring each customer (and employee) they are getting her best.


Sheila Parkhill, ASP, IAHSP

Team Leader


Cristi Wenger, ASP, IAHSP

Team Leader

We are so much more than pillows and potpourri


 Staging Columbus does more than just add accessories to your home. In addition to staging, we help sellers tackle the complex questions like "what do I do with all my stuff?" "Do I have to update my paint colors, lighting, flooring and counter tops?"

 We take the stress out of decision making. Once a customized plan is designed for your home, we can manage the entire process or show you how to accomplish it.

 Our team plans every piece that will go into your home from our extensive warehouse inventory, creating that "gotta have it" feeling for buyers.

 No one wants to buy a TO DO list. Remember, the work you do BEFORE the sign goes in the yard gets your home SOLD!